Google to remove apps from Play Store that request access to Call log and SMS

Google to remove apps from Play Store that request access to Call log and SMS

Google is set to initiate action against Android apps that compulsorily require access to your SMS and Call log. Google has notified developers that in the coming weeks, Android apps which don’t necessarily require SMS and call log permission for their core running will be removed from the Play Store. This is part of Google’s new app guidelines aimed at protecting the data of users. Back in October, the internet giant had informed all developers to update their apps to API level 26 and also reconfigure their permission requirements to comply with Google’s new set of guidelines.

They were given a total 90 days for the same, post which Google promised strict action against non-compliant apps. And in cases of non-compliance developers were also given the option of justifying such necessity using a permission declaration form, after which Google’s team would review those apps. Now with the 90-day window having expired, the company has announced that its team will soon start omitting apps that compulsorily require call logs and SMS permissions from the Play Store. However, only those apps will be deleted for which developers are yet to submit the permission declaration form.

Google noted that any app which is yet to be reviewed and certified in regards to the aforesaid permissions will remain under the scanner but didn’t specify a date as to when the omitting process will start. User benefit of the permissions, availability of more narrow alternatives, risks presented by the app and the sheer importance of the permissions for helping an app accomplish its core objective are the major factors Google will take into consideration before taking a decision. In case an app is removed from Play Store for non-compliance, the concerned developer will get a chance to resubmit the app sans the permissions.

They can also submit a permission declaration form to keep their app temporarily listed on Play Store till 9th March; post which it will receive the final nod from Google.

Source:- 91mobiles