Is Xiaomi working on foldable smartphone? Here’s what we know

Is Xiaomi working on foldable smartphone? Here’s what we know

Those in awe after Samsung unveiled its foldable ‘Infinity Flex’ phone display last year might have to pick their jaw off the floor only to drop it again because Xiaomi seems to be doing just the same. A foldable smartphone with three panels has been leaked on the Internet, courtesy the prolific tipster Evan Blass. The device has no branding at all, however, what makes us believe it could be from Xiaomi is the MIUI interface.

The video shared by Blass shows very little with the exception of a sleek display that can be folded from either side to form into a smartphone. The device can be seen sporting a wide display with MIUI under the hood. It is then folded from both the sides with MIUI adapting to the remaining display. Apart from providing a large landscape view, the two side panels can fold backwards making it a conventional phone-sized screen.

Xiaomi is known for not holding back when it comes to smartphone design – the Mi Mix series went ahead with nearly bezel-free display months before other marquee brands caught up. So, it is not a surprise that Xiaomi is willing to push the boundaries with foldable phones.

So, if we go by the leaked video, then there’s a lot left to the imagination. Is it going to burn a hole in your pocket? What about photos and how are we even going to fit it in our pockets with that thickness? Or, better yet, is it going to stay in its folded state and what about screen scratches? And it is safe to assume why the company is experimenting if it is at all in this case. However, we advise readers to take this news with a grain of salt.

FlexPai was launched last year as the world’s first foldable smartphone, much before Samsung that was originally speculated to unveil its foldable smartphone following months of anticipation. Other manufacturers such as Oppo and Huawei are also said to be working on their own versions of the foldable smartphones.

Source:- financialexpress