SBI ATM-Cum-Debit Card: SBI’s Safety Message To Customers

SBI ATM-Cum-Debit Card: SBI’s Safety Message To Customers

Promoting safety of debit cards, SBI or State Bank of India has shared some tips for its customers. Using microblogging site Twitter, SBI urged its customers to follow its precise safety instructions while using the debit card for any transaction. “Stay alert, stay safe,” said SBI, which offers a variety of debit cards such as SBI classic debit card. The communication from India’s largest bank is recent in a series of posts cautioning the general public against frauds. SBI, for example, allows cash withdrawals of a minimum Rs. 100 and maximum Rs.40,000 in a day from ATMs using its Classic debit card, according to the bank’s website –

Here are four tips shared by SBI to ensure safety of its ATM-cum-debit cards:

1. Memorise PIN

SBI has advised its customers never to use obvious numbers associated with them as ATM PIN, such as birth year or vehicle number and so on.

2. Confirm cash out

“Call the helpline mentioned in the lobby, when ATM instructs you to ‘collect cash’, without dispensing it,” according to SBI.

3. Don’t share PIN

SBI advises its customers not to share the ATM PIN with anyone.

4. SMS alert

SBI offers transactions alerts, wherein the customer receives an SMS message every time a transaction is made from his or her account. The bank has urged its customers to register their mobile number to avail this service.

SBI had previously cautioned the public against fraudulent emails offering “freebies and rewards”. “Deals that appear too good to be true often turn out to be traps… Don’t click on the offer link and share any of your personal information! Be safe, not sorry,” SBI had said.

SBI offers different types of debit cards. Of these, the most common one is SBI classic debit card.

Here are five things to know about SBI’s classic debit card:

1. Besides cash withdrawal from SBI group ATMs or ATMs of other banks, SBI classic debit card can be used for many tasks. These include shopping at merchant outlets, making bill payments, travel and other online purchases, and making payments through the internet.

2. Minimum/maximum cash withdrawal limit: SBI allows cash withdrawals of a minimum Rs.100 and maximum Rs. 40,000 in a day from ATMs using its classic debit card, according to the bank’s website –

3. SMS alert: SBI offers an SMS alert facility for “all Cash withdrawal/Purchase transactions/Online transactions made on your State Bank Classic Debit Card”, according to its website.

4. While SBI classic debit card is issued by the bank free of cost, SBI charges an annual maintenance charge of Rs. 125 plus GST. For card replacement, SBI charges Rs. 300 plus GST, according to the bank’s website.

5. SBI can be reached at toll-free telephone helplines 1800 11 2211 (BSNL/MTNL) and 1800 425 3800 24×7, according to its website.




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