T-Mobile rumored to release free, ad-supported TV streaming service soon [U]

T-Mobile rumored to release free, ad-supported TV streaming service soon [U]

Cheddar reports that T-Mobile is set to launch a new, ad-supported television streaming service for subscribers within the coming weeks. However, the service is not the supposed “disruptive” streaming platform CEO John Legere made promise of last year.

The news of yet another streaming service comes as the industry ramps up with a fervent intensity not yet seen in the internet streaming business — including from Apple.

Netflix recently announced its largest price hike yet, bringing the top-tier cost of the service to $13.99. Interestingly, Wall Street responded positively to the increase, as most investors still view the service as being undervalued.

Hulu made a serious counter attack following its competitors pricing alteration, deciding instead to lower the entry price of its ad-assisted option to $6.99.

T-Mobile’s alleged new service is based upon a $325 million acquisition made by the Uncarrier in early 2018 of Layer3 TV. Within that, the company is using its licensed Xumo technology, which “sends its television content to set-top boxes through its own internet protocol instead of via radio frequencies like most cable companies”.

Late last year, Bloomberg reported that T-Mobile was scrapping its plan to launch the “disruptive” service previously mentioned in favor of pursuing more original content deals — similar to Apple’s approach.

Earlier this week, Netflix began integrating with social media, allowing users to share what they’re watching on their Instagram Stories.

From Cheddar,

Customers will be able to watch live content via mobile phones and through internet-connected devices, similar to AT&T’s Watch TV or Verizon’s now-defunct go90. The app for the mobile streaming service will come preinstalled on several T-Mobile devices, including some Samsung phones.

Does yet another streaming service hitting the market excite you, or are you waiting to see what Apple delivers this year? Let us know how you feel in the comments section down below!

Update: In a tweet by Xumo, the company says that they’re simply working on a “snackable content app” that’ll be available on two Metro by T-Mobile phones starting next month.

Source:- 9to5mac